Using Coinpot To Earn Crypto

Welcome to the best way to earn Cryptocurrency, by using this method and this site you are sure of making a lot of cryptocurrencies daily, monthly and yearly.

Getting started to using Coinpot and its related faucet is very simple.

Things you need to get started:
1. A Gmail account.

1. click here and register a coinpot account with your Gmail.

2. Verify your account from your Gmail.

3. click on these links and register here using the same email as your coinpot account.


4. After registering, to get free crypto; click CLAIM form the site, fill in the captcha and get the free bitcoin.


All the money earned from these sites will move to your coinpot account which acts as the micro wallet for your crypto and can be moved later to another wallet, coinpot has 0% transfer fee for the crypto transfer.


A sample of the coinpot dashboard you can see the different crypto showing there.


Happy Earning.

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