The Gamer’s Choice: Crypto-Tab Browser

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s article choice the best there is on the internet presently, I am writing this article for those gamers out there who are willing to go the extra step to make good use of their gaming machine or gadgets to get the extra passive income as much as they want.

Today we will be looking at the browser called the crypto tab browser, I did some posting about this browser some time ago and today I will be writing in more detail about the usefulness of this browser with some real-life data.

The crypto tab browser is a browser built on the chromium engine just like google chrome or the brave browser but it is made lighter and faster then them thus it is faster but the good part of the browser is that it has the ability to mine some cryptocurrency; in essence, it mines Moreno which is good for the CPU to mine but it payout in bitcoin which is more valued and stable than Moreno.

So the better your computer in terms of performance the better you will make a lot from this browser it is simple to use and can also return a lot of money in a short time it has a low withdrawals fee of 0.00001 bitcoin and this can be gotten in one day.


  1. it is easy to use.
  2. it does not stress your CPU or motherboard like the traditional mining method.
  3. it uses far less power than the traditional mining method.
  4. it has the boost option to boost your CPU mining speed up to 10times the mining speed – without affecting your CPU health.





  1. Download and install. HERE
  2. Activate and start using.
  3. To earn more, activate the cloud boost: you can activate it up to 10times more and thus earn ten times more.
  4. To earn more also you can connect more computers together by signing in wit the same email (You can connect up to 5 computers and activate 10x cloud boost on each and get 60% discount off the purchase thus you are earning 1000% + 60% more).



These are some data that I have collected over time concerning this browser.

1. Ryzen 9 3900x:

With the ryzen 9 3900x you can be mining up to a speed of 13kh which will get you about 0.5 to 1 dollar daily (depending on if you mining all day or sometimes), if you activate the 10x cloud boost you can be getting speed up to 130kh which will mean earning of about 5 to 10 dollars daily. If you have up to 5 computers connected together it means you can have earnings as much as 25$ to 50$ daily which will amount to about 9125$ to 18250$ annually, this is what you will earn alone without referrals. Your light bills won’t be affected much because your computer will not use more than the required power for the computer.


normal (With cloud boost) – {5 computers connect with cloud boost}

  • Daily: 1$ (10$) – {50$}
  • Yearly: 365$ ( 3650$) – {18250$}

2. Intel Core i9:


normal (With cloud boost) – {5 computers connect with cloud boost}

  • Daily: 0.5$ (5$) – {25$}
  • Yearly: 182.5$ (1825$) – {9125$}

Earning with AMD processor is more because they have more cores and earn more, but the intel processor can do a very job also.


The earning will surely vary from computer to computer and from usage to usage but the bottom line is that you are sure to make a lot of money in a short time and it is very possible to earn back the money you use in buying your computer in one year, and this is very possible. So be sure to use this because you will be happy that you did.

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