How to participate in the airdrop

This will be a complete process on how you can apply for the Smart Trade Token airdrop schedule to be happening this month.


1. Register on the smart trade token platform - verify your account.
2. Deposit into your account - at least $1 - BTC or ETH.
3. Buy a trading bot.
4. Share the airdrop on social media.
5. Receive 100SMT per share.

1. Registration

To register for the smart trade:

1. Click on the icon below.

2. Fill the first and second form on the website.

3. Verify your account from your email address.

2. Deposit

To make deposit into your wallet:

1. From your dashboard, click on finances then click on paying in.

2. Copy your BTC or ETH address.

3. Send funds to your wallet.

4. The funds will be added when the transaction receives required number of confirmation from the network – You can check all your payments at ‘History’ section

3. Buy a Trading bot

1. Select the ‘Trading Tool BOT’ tab

2. Then the ‘Panel’ tab

3. Go to the ‘Buy crypto BOT’ window and choose

  • Strategy
  • Type of investment
  • Percent from your balance

4. You will see the ‘Amount of investment’ in the currency of your choice

5. Click on the ‘Buy and start’ button

6. You will see the ‘Confirm bot investment’ window

7. Click on the ‘Buy’ button to confirm

8. In the upper part of the Panel, a confirmation message will inform about the purchase of the BOT

9. Now your BOT is active and you can track its activity

N.B Minimum for buying a bot is $1

4. Share airdrop

1. Click on the affiliate tab.

2. Then Affiliate system tab.

3. Click next on the pop-up.

4. Share the link on selected social media channel

N.B You need at least 1 trading bot for this to work.

5. Receive

If you follow the procedure as stated then you will receive 100SMT worth about $107 for each share – For the four shares available you will receive a total of 400SMT worth about $428.

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