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During this lockdown period, some of us might be finding it to do some business, because we cannot go out or because we don’t have the resources to do so, so we all home doing nothing. But now I will show you a way to do some onli8ne business daily from the conform of your home, for this method, it is 100% free and you don’t need any capital to start.

For those of us, that know already and for those of us that don’t know yet I will like to say that you can get daily 50mb of data that can be used on the opera mini browser. to puy it simply “opera mini gives its users free 50mb daily that can be used on the opera mini browser.

Rather than using these to watch movies or read the news, you can use these data to earn micro income daily. I will show you how.

There are many sites that you can use 50mb to browse daily and make up to 1$ to 10dollars daily, these sites are easy to use and you don’t need to be there all day, just some few minutes there daily and you earn a lot.

To get started to download the Opera browser on your phone or on your laptop and to get 50mb daily to be able to use it, you can also use it through hotspot on your laptop.


These are the top sites for these.

Coinpot (Faucets)

There are about seven facets that are associated with coinpiot and to claim daily from these sites cost less than 10mb to 15mb of data. So this is a good place for making good use of your daily 50mb data and claiming daily from the site.

To get started go here. START HERE.


Ojooo Wad (PTC)

This is a PTC site, that is a site where you are being paid to view adverts. Here you can use less 10mb of data to view all the ads on the website which might be about 20 depending on when you visiting there. This is another great place to spend your free 50mb opera data.

To get started go here. START HERE.


Freebitco (Bitcoin Faucet).

This is a simple bitcoin faucet where you can claim up to 200$ in bitcoin every hour a very simple site and takes less than 1mb of data to make a claim. A very good way to use well your 50mb opera data.

To get started go here. START HERE.


Mining. (Crypto).

Many of us are not really using our laptops or phone this period because we are using the Tv more often so why wait for the dust to eat up your laptop rather than use it to generate money for you, while mining you can use about 10mb of data for more than a week, so this way you can see how to make maximum use of your laptop and also your data.

To get started go here. START HERE.

Earn more.

To see all the earning option go here.




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