Crypto-Tab Browser: Ref Challenge

Some of you have heard of the brave browser that took the world by storm last year because of their very strong adblocking mechanism. But this time I will be introducing something better which is called CRYPTO TAB BROWSER.

The crypto tab browser is built using the chromium engine same as brave and google chrome but is made lighter than them and thus faster, but the main feature here is its mining capability.

The browser mines Monero which is easy to mine with CPU (So you can do a lot of mining with it ), then you are paid with BTC (Bitcoin which is more stable).

The browser has a mobile and PC version so you can do a lot by combining both mining capability.

So this is the summary of it all:

(Photo Credit: By Narutorapheal)

So, using crypto tab browser works best when you form a network of users because it has a long chain of referrals down to the 10th group along the chain.



Crypto tab is hosting a referral challenge where users will be reward with BTC for referring more users, we all know what a ref challenge is so no much explanation is needed, the prizes included:

1st place = $1000.

2nd place = $700.

3rd place = $300.

4th place = $200.

5th place = $100.

And 500 more will be given $10 each, so there are prizes for 505 users (a lot to go around for everyone).

To Join.
1. Click and download the browser. DOWNLOAD HERE

2. Register with your Gmail.

3. Copy and share your link, to join the campaign.

I know we are all interested in this, so come on board now and join the network.



Little Task.

Download and install; start using and sharing.

1. Comment if you are using it.

2. Give tips on how to expand your user base for others to learn.


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