1000 TRADE for status Gold – SMART TRADE COIN


Smart Trade Coin faces an important event, which will be a HARD FORK. It is an important part of STC development. It will increase the efficiency of security systems and lead to the issue of a new token – HYBRID.

In connection with the upcoming HARD FORK, we have prepared a special offer, thanks to which you can get 1000 TRADE for free! Every person who up to the day of HARD FORK i.e. 10th December 2020 buy a Gold Status will receive a prize of 1000 TRADE.

This promotion is a triple chance for profit:
1. Gold Status gives you great investment opportunities on the Smart Trade Coin GO platform!
2. You will receive 1000 TRADE tokens for free. Their current market value is 1830 USD.
3. When a new token will be issued, each TRADE token holder will receive the same quantity of HYBRID tokens for free!

In the first quarter of next year, TRADE and HYBRID tokens will be published on international crypto exchanges. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your investment opportunities and gain even more!


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